Student of the Month: Nino A. Diaz

Barry Lenson

When he was a teenage father, Nino A. Diaz had to put his education on hold so he could work to support his family. But he is a resourceful man.  He knew that even though he was busy working, he didn’t have to stop making plans for the future.

“I made a goal to graduate from college before my son completed his high school education,” he explains. “This is important to me since I have been encouraging him to attend college as a traditional age student. StraighterLine helped to reinvigorate my motivation and complete my goal of being a role model to my son.”

In a recent conversation with StraighterLine, Nino A. Diaz told us even more. Let’s hear what he had to say . . .

StraighterLine: What is your favorite thing about StraighterLine? 

Nino A. Diaz: My favorite thing about StraighterLine is the flexibility I have to work at my own pace. I was not obligated to deadlines, which allowed me to study at my own pace, including the completion of exams. This works perfectly with my busy schedule, between my fulltime job and family commitments. In addition, the price per course allowed me to avoid an incredible amount of student loan debt.

SL: What courses have you taken? Which of them have been your favorites, and why?

ND: I have completed Medical Terminology, Western Civilization, Psychology, Personal Finance, and Introduction to Nutrition at StraighterLine. Although each course was very interesting, my favorite would have to be Western Civilization. It was fascinating to learn about different cultures and the history behind them.

SL: Tell us about your interaction with student advisors.

ND: The student advisors were fantastic! They were all supportive in making sure I had the tools I needed to succeed. Each interaction solidified this intent. They were easy to speak to, with no sales pressure. StraighterLine also provides several options to contact an advisor. As a working adult, I sometimes find it difficult to find time out of my day to make a telephone call to seek support. Email and live chat enabled me to receive answers to my questions in a convenient and prompt way.

SL: How are you transferring courses taken at StraighterLine, and what are you going to do with them? What is your degree goal? 

ND: I transferred my course credits to your partner college, Colorado State University.The transfer process was seamless. The course credits allowed me to satisfy a large portion of elective credit and placed me in a position to graduate with my B.S. in Organizational Leadership in this coming month. Ultimately, my degree goal is complete my M.S. in Organizational Leadership. I plan to enroll in courses during the summer of 2013!

SL: Would you recommend StraighterLine to others?

ND: I have recommended StraighterLine to fellow associates and classmates. It is as simple as going to the website and completing a few steps to get enrolled and getting to work on your classes!

SL: Why did you choose StraighterLine? 

ND: StraighterLine was first suggested to me by my academic counselor at my partner college. I was frustrated with the limited rate I could work at in courses at that college. Since I was so close to graduating, he suggested I research Straighterline before I decided to take a term off.

If you would like to share your own StraighterLine success story, please email us.  

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