Using Online Courses to Complete Nursing Prerequisites: A StraighterLine Success Story

Barry Lenson

Student of the Month: Ife Muyiwa-OjoA few years ago, Ife Muyiwa-Ojo’s career seemed steady and secure. He was working as a network/database engineer for an Internet company in Atlanta, GA. But then during the economic downturn, his company started downsizing and “moving people around,” as Ife puts it.

“I lost my position and was offered another but I declined,” Ife explains. “I took an unpaid position with another company to keep my skills fresh. But I also started to think about starting a new career in a more secure field.”

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Finding His Path to a Career Change

“I had always been interested in health care and I started doing some research online,” Ife recalls. “Nursing appealed to me, but the computer side of nursing appealed to me even more, so I was very excited when I found that Western Governors University had programs in Nursing and health informatics. The fees there are moderate and I started to think, ‘this is really something I can do.’

“I talked to WGU. My advisor was wonderful and knowledgeable. We reviewed everything but found that some of the courses I had taken years ago weren’t transferable. We determined that I needed to complete 12 courses before I could begin my concentration there. My program was to start in six or seven months. But completing 12 courses in that short amount of time? Well, it felt impossible.”

Ife Starts at StraighterLine

How could Ife complete the courses he needed quickly? Ife’s advisor suggested StraighterLine, and he checked it out.

“I had taken other courses online,” Ife says, “and I wasn’t too happy with the course structure or costs. To be truthful, I was thinking ‘I’ll just try StraighterLine and see how far I can get, even though I probably cannot make it work.’ I took a free trial course and I really liked it. It was self-paced and flexible. I loved it. I signed up for English Composition I and then English Composition II and I finished both of them in only five or six weeks.”

Hard Work Leads to Success

“I really worked hard,” Ife says. “I devoted myself to studying full-time. I worked evenings and weekends. The courses were very in-depth and I had to read every textbook from cover to cover. I really learned. In fact, it might interest you to know why I decided not to earn college credits in the CLEP program instead. I felt that although CLEP offers a credential, a class teaches much more. And I wanted to learn."

“I was learning and adding courses and hoping to finish the courses that WGU required. It almost seemed at times that I just wouldn’t get them all done and make it. But I did! In the end, I took 11 courses at StraighterLine and CLEPPED the 12th. Now I’m in my second month at WGU. I never would have been able to do it without StraighterLine.”

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Controlling Costs by Using StraighterLine

“I saved a lot at StraighterLine,” Ife says. “I completed my courses for less than $1,500. That comes out to less than $50 per credit hour, much less than the $300 per hour that I would have paid at a community college.”

“My credits transferred easily to WGU,” Ife says. “I never expected that there was a way that I could complete the required courses in less than a year. StraighterLine is spectacular.”

Congratulations Ife!

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2 thoughts on “Using Online Courses to Complete Nursing Prerequisites: A StraighterLine Success Story”

  • Akintayo Olugbenga Adewale
    Akintayo Olugbenga Adewale October 2, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Thank you for this motivating story. I just signed up for SL courses too as I look forward to completing my BSBA Human Resources degree at Thomas Edison State College.

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