Student of the Month: Elizabeth Smith

Barry Lenson

Elizabeth Smith earned three credits in college algebra from Charter Oak State College in just 10 days thanks to StraighterLine. Total cost? $138. She stands for everything that is possible when you accelerate through a self-paced course. She saved time and money with StraighterLine’s help, and so can you by enrolling now.

“I was referred to StraighterLine by my advisor at Charter Oak State College… And I had a few small classes that needed to be tied up,” said 42-year-old Smith. “I immediately emailed StraighterLine and within the day I was already signed up for my algebra class. I had an advisor right away, I had full access to tutoring, and I knew I could do it at my own time frame. For me I needed to get it done in less than 10 days. I needed to take a three-college-credit course in a week essentially. And I was able to do it with StraighterLine.”

Not only is Smith a quick study, she’s an example of finding creative ways to balance her life as a mother with getting her college degree. Watch her tell her story in this video:



Smith was featured in a book, The Edupunks Guide to a DIY Credential, for her speedy achievement, “Elizabeth got down to business with the StraighterLine college algebra course the first week of summer vacation. Every day she took the kids to the pool and sat next to it with her laptop. ‘The first week of summer vacation was a 40 hour math week. It was great—I had private tutor, I had videos, and it was all self-paced.’ ” The book’s author, Anya Kamentz, praised StraighterLine for being an “on ramp” to college.

“I felt like this prepared me. The drills were set up where I had to reiterate basic skills. The text was really easy to follow. And it was set up for all styles of learning. If I was a purely visual learner, I would have been fine with the material. If I was a kinetic learner the video clips provided for that. And if I was an auditory learner, everything was focused as well. So I got to see it, hear it, do it, experience it, on every single level,” Smith added.

When you need to get credit for a course in a short period of time, you have a limited number of options. If you know the material, then CBEs (credit-by-examination) likeCLEP tests or DSST/Dantes exams are two options. But if you don’t know the material and have a tight time frame, self-paced online courses like the one Elizabeth took from StraighterLine are a smarter option than a CLEP Test.

First of all, with a CBE like a CLEP, once you take the test, if you don’t do well you can’t take it again for six months. That may not fit your schedule. Plus, with StraighterLine, you get 24/7/365 access to online tutors, and student advisors to help you with credit transfer and your transcript. “It was great customer service. It made me feel like what I had purchased had a great deal of value and that StraighterLine wanted me to be successful,” Smith explained.

Smith said she would recommend StraighterLine for all sorts of students, those in high school looking for dual enrollment credits, adult learners, and even traditional students.

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