Student of the Month: Diana Stone Uses StraighterLine Courses to Graduate on Time

Barry Lenson

Diana Stone Uses StraighterLine Courses to Graduates on TimeAfter working in the banking and brokerage business for more than 21 years, Diana Stone decided it was time to make a change.

“I’m someone who has always wanted to help people fulfill their full potential,” Diana told us during a recent chat. “So I decided to earn a degree in business and start a new career in HR. I enrolled in Strayer University, where I’ll graduate this year. Then I’ll start working toward my Master’s in Human Resources with a concentration in management.”

Using StraighterLine Courses to Stay on Schedule

Like many college students, Diana hit a speed bump or two that threatened ability to graduate on time.

“I was absolutely determined to graduate in 2013,” she explains. “I looked to exams as a way to earn some additional credits that I needed to graduate in 2013.” But that plan hit a snag when she failed to pass a College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exam.

“That was a wake-up call,” Diana explains with a laugh.

But instead of postponing her plans to graduate, she got proactive and got going. She went to the training manager at Strayer and explained her determination to earn the credits she needed so she could graduate on time.

“He came back and recommended StraighterLine to me,” she recalls. “At first, I wondered how well it would work. But I went home that night and I read everything I could on the StraighterLine website and I immediately enrolled and signed up for Introduction to Nutrition, I dove straight in.  After that first class, I added Introduction to Criminal Justice, then U.S. History, then Environmental Science. And that is how I got the four courses I needed to graduate.”

Transferring Her Credits to Strayer

How easy was it to get her StraighterLine credits transferred to Strayer?

Diana explains that “After completing the final exam for each course, I simply indicated that I wanted my credits transferred to Strayer. One week later, I got confirming emails that informed me that that had been done.

“In one course, Criminal Justice, I realized that there had been some delay in getting the credits applied,” she adds. “But I went back into the database, asked about the hold-up, and it was resolved quickly.”

Recommending StraighterLine to Other Students

“After my StraighterLine experience, Strayer asked me to reach out to other students there to help them understand how StraighterLine could help them in their studies. I did! For me, StraighterLine was my savior for graduating in 2013!”

About Diana Stone . . .

StraighterLine student Diana Stone lives in Tampa, Florida. She has been married for 20 years, has one daughter, and a three-year-old grandson.

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