StraighterLine’s New Professor Direct Delivers Personal Instruction to Online Students

Barry Lenson

 Professor Direct Delivers Personal Instruction to Online Students Since its earliest days, StraighterLine has connected its students to sources of help. Students can connect and get help . . .

  • Students can call their student advisors at (877)787-8375. That’s a toll-free number.
  • Students can email their questions to their student advisor.
  • Students can post their questions on the StraighterLine Facebook page.
  • Ten hours of online tutoring are included in each StraighterLine course. Students can access it by clicking the “Tutor” button that is on their course dashboard.

Personal Instruction to Online StudentsNow StraighterLine has introduced Professor Direct. It’s unlike anything that is being offered anywhere in the online learning universe. Thanks to Professor Direct, students can select professors who will guide and teach them as they complete their online courses at StraighterLine.

How It Works . . .

The professors that StraighterLine has selected to participate are highly qualified and experienced. Plus, they are all dedicated to making sure that their students get the most from StraighterLine courses and succeed.

To quote from the Professor Direct page at StraighterLine:

Students will benefit from increased engagement, direct communication with experts and additional resources, tips, instruction and more thorough video, downloads, presentations and synchronous class sessions. Some students thrive in self-paced courses, but some students want more.

Professor-led courses can be delivered in 8 week, 15 week and self-paced formats. Students who enroll in Professor Direct courses continue to enjoy the flexibility to study when and where they want, with access to all course materials, tests, and labs at their convenience, 24/7. No matter the course or format, assessments remain the same. 

So if you thought that taking college courses online would be a lonely experience, you are about to be pleasantly surprised. Professor Direct makes online learning personal, because the professor you select to teach your course will be as committed to your success as you are.

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