StraighterLine’s New eTextbooks save Money, Make Learning Come Alive

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine is now making eTextbooks available to you when you sign up for many of our courses.* eTextbooks are easy to order, affordable and as innovative as the course that you are about to take.

We’re excited about eTextbooks, and we think you will be too when you consider the benefits of ordering your eTextbook when you enroll in a StraighterLine course . . .

No chance of ordering the wrong edition!

You order it. It’s the right edition. You’re done! The days of ordering a printed textbook and getting the wrong one are over.


You order your eTextbook at the same time when you enroll in your course, with no need to go to other sites or bookstores to place your order. Your eTextbook is yours for the duration of your course. Once your course is over, there’s no need to sell it, store it, or trade it in at a bookstore. Thanks to our new eTextbook program, those hassles are a thing of the past.

No waiting!

Your eTextbook is instantly available.

Lower cost!

And because of agreements between StraighterLine and publishers, the cost of your eTextbook will be surprisingly low. It’s another cost saving that StraighterLine is passing along to you.

Deeper learning! 

Your eTextbook will offer you an advanced feature called deep linking. When you click on terms in your course content, you’ll be automatically taken to the content in your textbook that relates to it.  That makes learning easier, deeper, and faster!

* eTextbooks are now available for many StraighterLine courses, including:  Accounting I, Accounting II, Anatomy and Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, Anatomy and Physiology II with Lab, Anatomy and Physiology with Lab, Business Communications, Business Statistics, College Algebra, English Composition I, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Introduction to Sociology, Introductory Algebra, Macroeconomics, Managerial Accounting, Medical Terminology, Microeconomics, Personal Finance, Pharmacology I, Pharmacology II,  Precalculus, Western Civilization I, and Western Civilization II.

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