StraighterLine Wins Praise as an “On Ramp to College” in New eBook

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Wins Praise as an “On Ramp to College” in New eBook

We like and recommend a new ebook called The Edupunk’s Guide to a DIY Credential by Anya Kamentz.  (In case you are wondering, “DIY” stands for “do it yourself.” We had to look it up.)

You can access the book and read it for free by CLICKING HERE. Kamentz is one smart cookie, and her book (which was underwritten by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation) suggests page after page of practical, economical ways to earn an undergraduate or postgraduate degree.

On page 54, Kamentz mentions StraighterLine as an “on ramp” to college. Now, being referred to as a highway entrance ramp might not delight everybody, but it is actually a big compliment. It is a term that the author uses to describe a quick, direct way to move onto the educational highway.

The book offers the following case study of Elizabeth Smith, a StraighterLine student who wanted to finish up her undergraduate degree ASAP so she could enter a master’s program in counseling. She took courses at Charter Oak State College, but she also needed to complete an undergraduate college algebra course before she could start graduate school. Here’s how she did it, according to the book:

 “Elizabeth got down to business with the StraighterLine college algebra course the first week of summer vacation. Every day she took the kids to the pool and sat next to it with her laptop.

`The first week of summer vacation was a 40 hour math week. It was great—I had a private tutor, I had videos, and it was all self-paced.’ 

“At the end of the week she passed college algebra. Today she’s in her second semester of a master’s program in social work at the University of Maryland, where she plans to continue taking at least one online class per semester . . .`I’ve had three friends who have seen me doing this, fitting it in with the kids and a full-time job, like someone else would do knitting or going to the gym, and they’ve wanted to try it themselves. This is the way learning is going.’” 

Congratulations, Elizabeth. And thanks to Anya Kamentz for a book that is sure to help a lot of students.

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