StraighterLine Takes the Fright Out of Higher Education

Barry Lenson

Are you looking forward to Halloween? I am. Classic horror movies will be on TV, every yard in the neighborhood will sprout a giant spider or gravestone, and a full moon will be shining.

Boo! It’s fun to be scared on Halloween.

It’s a lot less fun to be scared about other things in life. Take education, for example. Are you scared of stuff like this?

  • You’re scared that you won’t get into college.
  • You’re scared that you won’t be able to pay for your college education – or pay for your kids’.
  • You’re worried because you don’t have a college degree, and you need one to get a job today.
  • You’re scared that you’re not going to do well on the SAT, the ACT, or other standardized tests.
  • You’re worried because September came and went, and you’re still not enrolled in college.
  • You’re scared that you are going to bomb the first classes you take in college because you haven’t set foot in a classroom in years.
  • You’re anxious because you’re too busy working a job to attend classes.

Those are all legitimate fears. But we have some good news for you. StraighterLine chases them all away.

StraighterLine lets you start college now, take classes when you want, pay a fraction of what other college students are paying – and then transfer your credits to a StraighterLine Partner College without all the anxiety associated with traditional college applications.

So stop worrying about education and start worrying about the stuff that counts. Like . . . how are you going to pay for the buckets of candy that trick-or-treaters are going to devour come October 31st?

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