StraighterLine Summer School Starts Today – and Every Day

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Summer School Starts Today – and Every Day

summer school classesIf you’re a student who is wondering what to do this summer, why not plan on completing some coursework here at StraighterLine? Even if you’ll be busy working a summer job or internship, online courses can help you make good use of the warm summer months . . .

  • You can take courses to help you decide on a major. If you’re waffling about whether to major in accounting, business or some other field, a summer course or two can help you make a more informed decision.
  • You can pre-take courses that you’re taking again next year. It’s a great way to prepare to earn better grades later, when those courses “count.”
  • You can complete a required course. If you still have to take algebra or a lab science before you can graduate, why not complete that requirement during the summer months?
  • You can take courses to help you decide what you will do after graduation. If you’re thinking about training for a medical career, for example, taking the right courses online can help you make a better decision about whether to make that move.

So the message is, summer courses can help you put your summer to good use. And because you can do your online coursework any time you want, you’ll still have plenty of time for fun.

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