StraighterLine Student of the Month: Cassidy Coker

Barry Lenson

Cassidy CokerIf you chat with Cassidy Coker for just a minute or two, you realize pretty quickly that she is a young woman who gets things done in a courageous, pioneering and personal way. Although she is still in her high school years, she is already running her own business as a professional photographer. She also does lots of volunteer work to help families and children. In fact, we spoke with her the day before she left her native Texas to spend several weeks rebuilding houses that had been damaged in Hurricane Sandy.

You’ll enjoy this recent conversation that Barry Lenson, our blog editor, recently had with this confident and remarkable young woman . . .

Barry Lenson: Where are you in school now and what are you doing?

Cassidy Coker: I am a homeschooled high school student now. But this seemed like a good time to start to earn college credit. I mean, why not, sir?

BL: It’s been a long time since anybody called me “sir,” and thank you! How did you learn about StraighterLine? 

CC: My brother had already taken some StraighterLine courses and I thought, “That is super cool!” So I looked online and got started.

BL: What courses have you taken so far?

CC: I have taken United States History I and United States History II, both with Professor Jerry Israel. He was great, very willing to answer all my questions. Just a great experience.

BL: That is terrific. You are one of the first students I have spoken to who has been involved with StraighterLine’s ProfessorsDirect program. How does StraighterLine fit into your overall educational plans?

CC: I am going to take more courses in the fall, that is for certain. Then I am planning to enroll in Thomas Edison State College in the next 12 to 16 months. At that point, I will transfer the credits that I have earned in my StraighterLine courses to that school. I haven’t transferred any credits yet but based on my experiences so far, I am super-confident that StraighterLine will be there if I have glitches of any kind.

BL: Would you recommend StraighterLine to your friends?

CC: Yes, I would recommend StraighterLine.

BL: Before we hang up our phones, is there anything else you would like to tell people about your experience at StraighterLine?

CC: Yes, I would like to tell them, “It works!” 

BL: Many thanks, and best wishes for every success. 

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