StraighterLine Student of the Month: Beverly Williams

Barry Lenson

Beverly WilliamsSome students take online courses at StraighterLine to get a start on college. Others take courses to complete their Bachelor’s degrees. But there are many other reasons to take StraighterLine courses too, as we learned in a recent conversation with Beverly Williams. After taking only one StraighterLine course, Beverly moved her career in a whole new direction. Let’s find out how.

StraighterLine: Did you use StraighterLine courses to finish college?

Beverly Williams: Actually, I had already earned a BA from the University of Nevada Las Vegas in 1998, where I majored in French. Then I earned a JD from Concord Law School in 2008.  However, all the jobs I was interested in preferred a business degree. So I started working at Thomas Edison State College to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in accounting.

SL: How did you find out about StraighterLine?

BW: I had taken several CLEP and Dantes tests, all successfully. But finding good study materials was always a risk, and I never knew if I had studied enough. While searching for study tips on the InstantCert bulletin board, I started reading about StraighterLine.  I was enrolled in Managerial Communication at Thomas Edison State College at the time, and taking two accounting courses too. It was too much! I remembered that I could also fulfill my degree requirements by taking a course in business communications. Thomas Edison didn’t offer it. But I checked StraighterLine’s course list, found it there, and took Business Communications at StraighterLine during a one-month break between my other courses. I really enjoyed it.

SL: What was it like to study Business Communications at StraighterLine?

BW: I found the course to be very well organized and the assignments to be well aligned with the reading material. I found the writing projects to be both challenging and reasonable.  Overall, I found the course to be better thought-out than many online classes I have taken. The course was interesting and more applicable to my working environment. I felt like it was sufficiently challenging for a 100-level course, without being excessive.  If I had known about StraighterLine earlier, I would have used it instead of taking CLEP and Dantes tests. StraighterLine offers a clearer path to success and it is easier to schedule. I had to miss quite a few days of work to take all those ACE exams. Now that I know how StraighterLine works, I recommend it to anyone going back to school.

SL: Did you communicate with your instructors during your StraighterLine course?

BW:  Yes. I appreciated the feedback I received on graded assignments.

SL: Were you able to transfer credits from your StraighterLine courses?

BW: Yes, I transferred my credits to Thomas Edison State College.  It worked fine.

SL: How did your StraighterLine courses impact on your life?

BW: I took only one course, but it is helping me complete another degree.  I am a Senior Buyer/Planner for an international corporation; this is the last piece that I need for the CPA exam in California.  2013 is full of new possibilities and all of that can be attributed to the work done last year.

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