StraighterLine Student of the Month: Alex Evdokimov

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Student Review by Alex EvdokimovWhen Alex Evdokimov decided to start a new career as a teacher in Massachusetts, he found Western Governors University and decided to enroll there. “I have lived in several countries and taught in them,” Alex explains, “but I wanted to earn a degree in education and get my teacher certification in Massachusetts. I was attracted to WGU because I didn’t want to go to a regular school with semesters, which are a burden,” he says. “I could move ahead a lot faster at WGU.”

But then Alex hit a snag. “I wanted to start my major studies right away,” Alex explains, “but my course counselor at WGU said that before I could, I needed to complete an awful lot of courses. We agreed that it would probably take me a year to complete them, maybe even two years. Then my counselor suggested that I check out StraighterLine.”

Alex did, and decided to see if he could start his major studies at WGU sooner by taking the general courses he needed at StraighterLine.

“When I have a goal I work hard, very hard,” says Alex. “The first StraighterLine course I took was US History. I was testing the idea of taking an online course. I had always liked history. I read and read. I concentrated. I realized how much I liked the course. It was incredibly flexible and free-style. It wasn’t easy, but I saw that my success in it was completely up to me. If I worked very hard, I could learn a lot and succeed. And I could be at home to be with my son too, without having to travel to classes.”

Alex ramped up his study time and was able to complete that first course in about a month. Then he added more StraighterLine courses – Chemistry with Lab, Statistics, and more. “They were all equally challenging and all very doable and convenient,” he explains. “I was able to call my counselor at WGU one day to report that I had completed them all. WGU accepted all the credits I had earned, and I am now about to start my studies.”

“Regular university was too slow for me . . .”

As Alex said, he really enjoys setting challenges for himself and working hard to achieve them. “Regular university was too slow for me,” he explains. “Online study is focused, flexible and a lot cheaper.”

Alex is planning to work hard and earn his degree at WGU in about eight months. By completing his program sooner there, he will save even more money.

How Much Money Has Alex Saved?

Alex estimates that he saved between $5,000 and $6,000 by taking courses at StraighterLine. “I took a subscription for $99 a month and took individual courses for $49,” he explains while adding up his costs. “So if I spent about $150 per course, I was saving a lot of money over the $1,000 to $1,200 that I would have paid at a regular college for each three-credit course. That’s just an estimate. But the faster you go and the more courses you take, the more benefits and savings you get.”

Still another Way to Save Money

“I bought used textbooks on for my courses,” Alex explains. “Then I finished my courses very quickly and was able to sell those texts for the same price that I had paid, because there was no time for them to go out of date.”

Summing Up the StraighterLine Experience

“Everything about StraighterLine is excellent,” Alex states. “All the courses are challenging, doable, and convenient. I am definitely planning to take more StraighterLine courses in the years ahead.”



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