StraighterLine’s Story Getting Told by Press

Beth Dumbauld

by Steven Pope

College for $99 a month is catching on. StraighterLine has had some major news coverage the past couple of months. These publications are saying great things about our higher education innovation and affordability. Quotes like this from Inside Higher Ed:


The Baltimore Sun provided a sneak peak of some exciting upcoming product developments: Students will soon be able to customize classes and shop around for professors on StraighterLine. As the author writes, it will make us “an eBay for college learning.”

You may have also seen StraighterLine in the press for our formal agreements with new Partner Schools and corporate business partnerships. In recent months, these schools have joined our partner network to guarantee transfer credit to StraighterLine students upon enrollment:

Between the new partners and the recent publications StraighterLine’s story is getting told. Other recent publications include American Public Media, PBS, and The New Republic. You can follow the entire StraighterLine story by clicking here.

Steven Pope has an MBA from Western Governors University and Bachelors of Science in communication from Weber State University. He has a background as a television reporter in Idaho and Wisconsin, and most recently as an enrollment counselor at WGU.

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