StraighterLine Partners with NECB to Offer a Fast Route to a Business Degree

Barry Lenson

New England College of Business and FinanceWe announce with great pride that the New England College of Business and Finance has just become a StraighterLine Partner College. 

If you’ve been eager to earn a college degree from a top business school but have been stopped by the high cost, this new partnership brings you an exceptional opportunity to earn a sought-after business degree.

To take your first steps toward earning that degree, simply take some of the great business courses that StraighterLine offers, such as Business Statistics, Accounting or Managerial Accounting. Once you have completed online courses, you can apply directly and be admitted to NECB. Because it is a Partner College, NECB will admit you at any time of the year. You don’t have to take standardized tests, write admissions essays or jump through all the other hoops that traditional colleges require of applicants.

How much do business courses cost at StraighterLine? Very little. You can choose our innovative Freshman Year of College for $999 payment plan. Or you can take individual courses for $39 each, plus a $99/month enrollment fee. It’s the cost-effective, quick way to start earning your business degree.

About New England College of Business and Finance . . .

Founded in 1909 in Boston, NECB quickly began educating leaders in the business and banking communities. Throughout the years NECB evolved from a regional training institution to a fully accredited college offering online degree programs at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

NECB offers something else too - a committed community of alumni who stay involved in the college and help recent graduates get a start in their careers.

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