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Barry Lenson

Herzing UniversityStraighterLine is proud to announce that Herzing University is now one of our Partner Colleges

When you first hear about Herzing University and investigate what it’s all about, the first thing you’ll probably think is, “Herzing is America’s only university that is owned by a woman, Renée Herzing. That’s unique.”

Then you read about a Herzing student who earned both his Bachelor’s and his MBA in four years, and you think again, “That’s unique.” Then you learn that Herzing has a dozen campuses located across America and think, “That’s unique too.”

And on it goes – with every page you turn and every fact you learn, you keep discovering that Herzing is uniquely different from most other American schools. And another thing – you discover that all of Herzing’s innovations have been created to serve students better by solving their problems, answering their needs, and giving them what they need to succeed today.

Here are just a few of Herzing’s innovations . . .

The managers and executives of Herzing are leaders in their industries. That assures that Herzing’s programs are focused on teaching skills that are needed in today’s world.

Herzing’s approach to financial aid is different from what you will find at other universities. Herzing offers all the information that students need about sources of government and other funding, and then guides students through the application process.

Herzing offers online classes that provide maximum scheduling flexibility to students. There are graduate degree programs too. 

Herzing prepares students to take jobs that exist in the real world. Careers like criminal justice, IT, graphic design, networking technology, and more.

Herzing has partnered with MasterLink to offer online training in cutting-edge computer skills. Now this is really impressive. 

And What about those 12 Campuses? 

Online learning is part of what makes Herzing unique. But what about those “dozen campuses” that we mentioned earlier in today’s post? Well here they are . . .

The Partner College Promise 

If you don’t know about StraighterLine’s Partner College program, this would be a great time to learn more. After you have successfully earned credits by taking courses at StraighterLine, you can transfer them to Herzing University.

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