StraighterLine Makes Headlines this Week

Barry Lenson

When you do things well, sooner or later reporters and bloggers start to notice. That explains why in the last week alone, StraighterLine has been attracting a lot of attention and making news.

“Is A College Class For $138 Too Good To Be True?,” a post on the Huffington Post on November 2, profiles StraighterLine and calls attention to the unique value that we offer to America’s students: “Students who choose to take a class through StraighterLine commit to self-directed, self-paced study, with the help of online tutors and course advisors. Those who enroll in StraighterLine courses can transfer credits to the 22 partnered institutions, or can petition a different university to accept StraighterLine class credits.”

“StraighterLine's challenge to the rising cost of college,” an article in The Baltimore Sun on October 31, tells the story of Elizabeth Smith, a woman who completed the course requirements for her bachelor’s degree by taking just one course at StraighterLine for $138: “After putting off finishing her college degree for more than two decades, Elizabeth Smith this year needed just one more class — an algebra course — to earn her bachelor's degree in theater arts.”

"Money Talks: College for $1,000 a Year,” a post on the MoneyTalks blog on November 5, further praises StraighterLine’s unique approach for offering credit-worthy college courses at low prices: “Straighterline represents a new type of learning: one that offers college courses online, often with the same materials and books that you'll find on campus, and for a whole lot less.”

“Startup Offers Inexpensive Online College Courses,” a post on the BrainTrack blog, noted on November 3 that: “The company offers online courses a la carte, including in mathematics, English, biology and business. Besides the low prices, it offers students flexibility . . . StraighterLine has already signed up 2000 students.”

All the media attention is happening because of StraighterLine’s value, and because of the unique role we play in American higher education. Let’s stay tuned to see what the reporters and bloggers say next.

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