StraighterLine Launches 8 New Online Courses this Week

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Launches 8 New Online Courses this Week

Tremendous news! StraigherLine’s great online college course selection just got even greater with the launch of eight new college courses this week . . .

A new math class! We’ve added General Calculus II, a new course that follows our already-running Calculus I course.  In total, StraighterLine is now offering six math courses online.

A new business accounting class!  Managerial Accounting, a new course, joins our two other successful accounting courses. This course focuses on the identification, gathering, and interpretation of information for planning, controlling, and evaluating the performance of a business.

Four new courses in anatomy and physiology! We’ve added Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab, Anatomy & Physiology II and Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab.  Note that courses that include a lab component are designed to let you fulfill college requirements for science courses that have a laboratory component.

A new Medical Terminology class! If you’re preparing for a career in one of the fast-growing health care professions, Medical Terminology is the course for you. It identifies and explains the terms used for the integumentary, respiratory, nervous, reproductive, endocrine, urinary, digestive, lymphatic, hematic, immune, and musculoskeletal systems.

A great new Intro to Psychology class! Whether you have a science requirement to satisfy or you are thinking of majoring in psych, this course is for you. It provides a general survey of psychology, including the relationship between biology and behavior, such as how stress impacts personal health. Other topics introduced include intelligence and reasoning, personality, gender and sex, memory, ethics, and research methods.

And don’t forget . . .

These eight courses are only part of the picture! They join 15 others that StraighterLine currently offers, bringing our total current curriculum to 23 courses, with more on the way. To review all our courses offerings, CLICK HERE. 

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