StraighterLine Is the Ultimate ________

Barry Lenson

What is StraighterLineI was having lunch last week with three other people. I started to talk about StraighterLine. The more I talked about StraighterLine’s low cost, opportunities to transfer credit, and other positives, the more intrigued my friends became.

“Man,” one of them said, “StraighterLine is like the ultimate form of home schooling.”

When you start to think about it, StraighterLine is also the ultimate form of independent study, the ultimate form of same-sex education, the ultimate night school, the ultimate summer school, ” I said. And I realized that I could continue to name other “ultimate” things that StraighterLine is.

Want to join in? If you've been a StraighterLine student and have a sec, please join in the conversation by filling in the blank in this statement and include your answer in a reply to this post:

StraighterLine Learning Is the Ultimate ________

Thanks for thinking and taking part. We’re looking forward to hearing what you have to say.

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