StraighterLine is the Easiest College to Get Into

Barry Lenson

Easiest College to Get Into  When you stop to break the process down, it becomes clear that the traditional way of getting into college is incredibly complicated. Most college applicants go through some or all of these steps . . .

  • They take AP classes and tests to increase their chances of getting into college.
  • They hire SAT and ACT tutors. Then they pay to take those tests too.
  • They sign up for dozens of extracurricular activities that will convince colleges to admit them.
  • They hire independent college admissions counselors to help them decide where and how to apply.
  • They hire special consultants to help them prepare their college admissions essays.
  • They do extensive research on the Internet and look at dozens of college websites and blogs.
  • They schedule admissions interviews if they can, then travel to them.
  • They request high school transcripts and reports of their test scores and have them sent to the colleges where they are applying. Usually, this costs money.
  • They spend hours and hours reviewing the hundreds of brochures that they have gotten in the mail from colleges.
  • They go to college fairs and traipse from one table to another picking up brochures.
  • They sit down with their parents and fill out the FAFSA and other applications for financial aid.
  • They visit dozens of colleges (that’s expensive!) and apply to more than a dozen colleges. The application fees alone can cost upwards of $500.
  • They listen to hours of pointless advice from well-intentioned relatives and family friends.
  • They hire special consultants who specialize in budgeting for college costs.
  • They think and think about who should write their college recommendation letters – which teacher, which family friend, which scoutmaster, which rabbi or minister or imam or priest?

Then after all that planning and researching, they send in their applications and wait and wait until those acceptance or rejection letters come in.

Complicated, right? You bet it is. And even though students typically jump through all those hoops, many of them still make bad decisions. According to the best estimates, as many as one-third of all college students transfer at least once before completing their undergraduate degrees.

The Easier Way

Compare all those steps to what you have to do before you start taking college courses at StraighterLine, where the process can be broken down into just two steps . . .

  • You select the college course(s) that you would like to take.
  • You enroll in the course and start taking it.

We’re not kidding. That, truly, is all there is to it. StraighterLine doesn’t ask for your high school diploma, doesn’t ask for transcripts of any prior college work you have done.

So if anyone asks you to name the easiest college to get into, you now know that the answer is StraighterLine.

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