StraighterLine Helps Our Men and Women in Uniform Prepare for Civilian Life

Barry Lenson

Help Our Men and Women in Uniform Prepare for Civilian LifeIf you’re in the military, all of us here at StraighterLine would like to start today’s post by thanking you for your service. All the freedoms and opportunities we enjoy in the U.S. depend on the vital and selfless work that you do.

Yet if you’re currently serving – whether abroad or here on U.S. soil – you could be a little worried about obstacles that you will need to overcome when it’s time for you to hang up your uniform and return to civilian life. How can you get into college, pay for college, and get the training that you need to start a successful career?

If those concerns are on your mind, StraighterLine offers you some solutions that could play an important role in your planning . . .

  • StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges are ready to open their doors to you and all veterans. You’ll want to check them all out on StraighterLine’s Partner College page. Almost all of these excellent American colleges have special military admissions advisors who are ready to welcome veterans. Also, their financial aid offices are prepared to connect veterans to advantageous sources of financial aid. We’re talking about some of America’s most respected and innovative institutions here – schools like Liberty University, Thomas Edison State College, and Western Governors, to name only a few. Be sure to check them out – you’ll be excited.
  • You can start college right now by taking StraighterLine courses online, no matter where you are stationed. There’s no need to start college after you are discharged. You can start taking college courses right now, and you can earn college credits that you can transfer when you are accepted to one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges.
  • And you can complete your first year of college for not much more than $1,000. Many students are reporting that they have completed their freshman year of college by using online courses at StraighterLine, while paying as little as $1,300 overall.

The Easiest, Most Cost-Effective Way for Veterans to Complete College . . .

If you’re in the military, there is no reason to put your education on hold until you are back in civilian life. To learn more you can click on the Live Chat button at the top of this page to get your questions answered now.

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