StraighterLine Guide to Careers in Nursing

StraighterLine Guide to Careers in Nursing
Beth Dumbauld

Are you thinking about earning your degree in nursing? Congratulations! Going back to college is a big decision, but we are here for you to help make that decision easier.

Not sure where to start? Download our free guide on Careers in Nursing!

There may never be a better time to become a nurse.

America’s baby boomers are aging. At the same time, Americans are living longer. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing is predicting a shortage of trained nurses... 

1 - Job Growth: The government projects that there will be more than 1.05 million new job openings for nurses by 2022 due to job growth and replacements.

2 - Higher Salaries:

  • The median salary for all RNs is $61,000 a year, 55 percent greater, adjusted for inflation, than it was thirty years ago.
  • The median salary for all LPNs is $43,351

3 - Education: Nearly 58% of registered nurses have a bachelor’s degree or more.

Get your nursing degree for less & earn more . . .

As good a time as it is to get your nursing degree, trying to make the right decisions about schools, and affording your nursing degree program, can be overwhelming.

Like some help with getting started in nursing? Download your free copy of Careers in Nursing, a new guide put together by your college savings experts at StraighterLine.

Full of practical advice, this four-part guide will teach you everything you need to know about a nursing career, including: 

  • How to get started in nursing
  • Where the nursing jobs are today and how much they pay
  • How to choose the right college and nursing degree program for you
  • What you can do before enrolling to save on your degree and increase your success
  • Discover how online education can make your nursing degree possible
  • And much, much more!

Ready to get on the road to your nursing degree? Get your free personalized degree plan today!

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