StraighterLine Death Match Series, Part II: StraighterLine vs. MIT

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine Death Match Series, Part II: StraighterLine vs. MIT

StraighterLine vs. MIT

Would it be better for you to start college at MIT or at StraighterLine? It can be a tough call, because both institutions are on the leading edge. StraighterLine is on the forefront of online education. MIT has been a leading technology institute since it opened its doors in 1861.

And if you haven’t been paying much attention to MIT in recent years, you’ll be surprised at what is going on there. Sure, lots of engineers still go there, but it is also possible to study business, city planning, economics, political science or even writing.  So put your pocket protector away. MIT is for nearly everyone.

But is MIT or StraighterLine the better choice for you? Here are some helpful comparisons to help you decide . . .

  • Which has better online courses? – It’s a tie! MIT has just made the news by offering a terrific selection of courses online.  Although MIT does offer more courses than StraighterLine, most are delivered as downloadable course readings rather than lesson-by-lesson instruction. And most of them cover technical subjects like biology or chemical engineering. StraighterLine, in contrast, offers general courses on subjects like introduction to psychology or business communication.  So let’s call this one a tie.
  • Which costs less? – StraighterLine wins! Tuition at MIT costs about $21,000/semester, plus additional fees and room and board. StraighterLine offers Freshman Year of College for $999, which means you can save roughly $40,000 by making StraighterLine your pick for freshman year.
  • Which is more beautiful? – MIT wins! MIT has a nice campus that is located by the Charles River. You can even walk to Fenway Park. So we’ll give MIT the nod on this one.
  • Which is easier to get into? – StraighterLine wins! You can enroll today and start taking courses at StraighterLine. When it comes to getting in, MIT is one of the most competitive schools in America.
  • Which is more cutting-edge? It’s a tie! MIT is full of labs packed with smoking test tubes, huge computers, and all kinds of high-tech equipment. But let’s face it. StraighterLine is the pioneer in computerized distance learning. So we’ll call it a tie.

So which will it be for you, StraighterLine or MIT? Now that you know the facts, the choice is yours.

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