StraighterLine Death Match Series, Part I: StraighterLine vs. Oxford University

Barry Lenson

StraighterLine vs. Oxford University: Death Match Series, Part I

StraighterLine vs. Oxford University: Death Match Series, Part IIf you’re a high school student who is making college plans, chances are you have been trying to decide whether it makes more sense for you to take classes at StraighterLine or Oxford University, the hoary British University that dates from sometime around the year 1,100.

Here are some helpful comparisons to help you decide . . .

  • Which has better online courses? – It’s a tie! Oxford now offers 84 courses that are taught online. Not bad! So let’s call this one a tie.
  • Which costs less? – StraighterLine wins! American students attending Oxford pay about $21,000 in US dollars for yearly tuition. StraighterLine offers a Freshman Year of College for $999, which wins by a British country mile.
  • Which is more beautiful? – Oxford wins by a nose! Oxford’s campus is full of ancient buildings that look just like those at Hogwarts. StraighterLine doesn’t have a campus. Even though you can look at all kinds of beautiful pictures on your computer during your study breaks while taking online college courses at StraighterLine, we’ll give Oxford the nod on this one.
  • Which requires an expensive new wardrobe? – StraighterLine will cost you less! The days are long gone when Oxford students, who were all men at the time, paraded around in traditional tweeds and propeller beanies and God knows what else. These days, Oxford students are free to look just as scruffy as students at a typical American university. But StraighterLine students can wear anything they want while taking their courses online. Pajamas? Underwear? A bear suit? No problem at all. So StraighterLine wins in this category.
  • Which offers better cuisine? – It’s a tie! The days are long gone when British cooking was dismal, offering mostly boiled meats, gummy noodles, and overcooked carrots. (You can now get Italian food in Britain, for instance.) As a StraighterLine student, you can eat anything you want, from a Hungry Man frozen dinner to Lobster Thermidor prepared by your personal chef.  So let’s call this a tie, especially if you have a microwave.
  • Which is easier to get into? – StraighterLine wins! You can enroll and start taking courses at StraighterLine today. Getting into Oxford is about as easy as squeezing a muskox into the back seat of a Mini Cooper.  That’s why so few Americans do it.

So which will it be for you, StraighterLine or Oxford? Now that you know the facts, the choice is yours.



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2 thoughts on “StraighterLine Death Match Series, Part I: StraighterLine vs. Oxford University ”


    There seems to be more than one issue here. While I understand the concern of the students and the faculty in regard to outsourcing courses, there is no indication if these courses are self-paced or teacher-led. I would add my voice to the protest if the courses are self-paced and don't include significat contact between instructor and students and among the students themselves.

  • Sofia

    Very informative article. I enjoyed reading it.

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