StraighterLine Course Profile: Introduction to Psychology

Barry Lenson

Now is a great time to study introduction to psychology online

 Many people say that they have always been interested in studying psychology. And why shouldn’t they be? The science of psychology can help people understand themselves, decode other people’s thinking and motivations – and lots more. Plus, the history of psychology is full of fascinating thinkers like Freud, Jung and Pavlov, each of whom brought new approaches to understanding human emotions and behavior.

If psychology is a topic you’d like to study, StraighterLine’s Intro to Psychology course offers you a great opportunity to get started.  As a student in the course, you’ll explore questions like these:

  • What is the relationship between biology and behavior?
  • How does stress affect health?
  • How are psychological experiments structured?
  • Who are the most important figures in the history of psychology, and what where their theories?
  • How do the nervous system and the body work together to shape actions, behavior and emotion?
  • What are the central, peripheral, somatic, and autonomic nervous systems?
  • How do people learn?
  • Can personality be measured?
  • Where does prejudice come from, and what does it mean?
  • “Nature versus Nurture” – Are our personalities created by our genes or by our environment?
  • If you enjoy studying psychology, what career options are open to you in the field?

If those questions sound interesting to you – maybe even fascinating – why not take an Intro to Psychology course.

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