StraighterLine Costs Less . . . and We’re Not Just Talking Tuition

Barry Lenson

College Costs Less“Buying” a year of college is a lot like buying a car . . .

  • A car always costs more than sticker price. You get stuck with interest payments on a loan, with options that come out of nowhere, with an extended warrantee, and lots more.  A car you thought you could buy for $25,000 suddenly is costing you $30,000. Funny how that works, isn’t it?
  • A year of college always costs more than tuition. Tuition sounds steep enough all by itself. But then the college tacks on extra fees and charges.  You thought you were going to have to pay $20,000 for a year of college at your state school (or $40,000 at a private college or university) and suddenly you are signing up to pay $11,000 more than that. Kind of like getting kicked in the stomach, right?

It’s another reason why you can save a lot of money by taking courses online at StraighterLine instead of attending a regular brick-and-mortar college. (You’re already saving thousands of dollars on tuition fees and the cost per credit, and now you can save even more.)

Let’s take a look at some typical “extra” college charges that can never apply at StraighterLine . . .

  • Room and Board . . . $11,000 - $14,000
  • Supplies . . . $2,000
  • Transportation . . . $600 - $1,000
  • Student Activity Fee . . . $400 - $900

And then there are other fees too, which may apply. For example, some colleges charge a yearly fee for having a phone (!!!) in your dorm room that you’ll never use. Others charge a yearly technology fee. And then there’s more, like membership fees if you decide to join a frat or a sorority, and the cost of renting a cap and gown at graduation.

That begs the question . . . why do some students like to be naked under their robes at graduation? It’s not because they are merry pranksters. It’s because they can’t afford clothes after paying all those ridiculous fees.

But there’s a better way. It’s called StraighterLine.

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