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Jaime Dalbke

From October, 2008...

Online education is becoming a fact of life for many of our youth nowadays, and not just those who are home schooled. Twenty-six states now have statewide virtual schools for children in grades K-12. Total enrollment nationwide is estimated to be 1 million students. The Florida Virtual School, established by the legislature in 1997, is the largest online public school program, with enrollment of 54,000 this year. Clearly, already a substantial number of children in America use online education, and there is every indication that the total will be increasing as the years pass.

With the convenience of online education, some young adults might find it daunting to continue their education by having to attend a traditional bricks-and-mortar college. Where is the freedom to study what they want, when they want it? What about the costs they will find in having to buy books, lab items and other study materials for these courses, not to mention other fees colleges charge for their services? Is there any better way these concerns can be addressed so that they will not be discouraged in pursuing a college education?

We have an answer for these questions - StraighterLine (SL), a new online educational tool that offers entry-level college courses available for credit. SL is perfect for students wanting to continue to study online after their high school graduation. It helps with the transition into traditional college learning while at the same time providing all the conveniences online education has available - and then some.

Once a student enrolls in SL, our courses can be accessed online at any time for any length of time. Our courses have no fixed start dates nor due dates for exam times, so if a student is wanting to learn faster than average and take the exam for his course in weeks rather than the typical months spent on a course each semester, that can be arranged.

As for our instruction quality, material from the internationally known and respected textbook publisher McGraw-Hill has been redesigned and adapted for SL's unique format by the Education Department of SMARTHINKING, the parent company of SL. All members of that department have at least a master's degree in education. Any materials needed beyond what is online cost a fraction of what other college textbooks charge. We also have one-on-one tutoring available 24/7 if a student needs immediate assistance.

Courses completed through SL can be awarded college credit by regionally accredited partner colleges. Student-earned credits may also be transferred to non-partner colleges that recognize our partner college's courses as equivalent programs, including ones that offer their upper-level courses online, if the student prefers to keep learning that way.

To learn more about what StraighterLine has to offer, visit and see how we can keep your children interested in online education after having received a high school diploma, while saving you money at the same time.

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