StraighterLine A Good Partner to Colleges and Universities

Jaime Dalbke

From August 2008...

StraighterLine: A Good Partner to Colleges and Universities

The concept StraighterLine (SL) employs is one that is designed to serve as an online educational tool driving students to our partner colleges and universities for future studies once they have completed our introductory courses. That concept is a rather revolutionary one right now, we admit, but nonetheless several accredited institutes of higher learning have joined us and will accept credits from our students who successfully complete our courses.

Why are they doing this unprecedented step? Because there are quite a few benefits that we provide our partner colleges and universities. They include the following:

1) We serve as a start-up online infrastructure for colleges looking to access their students away from campus. Let's face it, particularly for smaller institutions, it is challenging to find the time and money to establish courses online that can provide the same level as what you will find in a traditional classroom.

But if they team with us, we at SL can provide them with a bridge to enroll future students by having our students select a partner college at the start of their study and having that student's information reported to that college. The institution receives a new degree seeker while SL pays it an administrative fee for awarding credit - a win-win for the partner college. Our partner colleges and universities also receive additional presence and exposure on the Internet via mentions and links on our Web site, a big free promotional advantage to prospective students and their families that should not be discounted.

2) We focus on courses that are often difficult for colleges to administer effectively. Entry-level math, science, business and English courses can be a challenge for institutions to accommodate the needs, as the majority of their incoming students want or need them and yet there are not enough qualified professors to teach them. So, universities and colleges often must use teaching assistants (TAs) to instruct larger-than-normal class sizes essential information. The result is too often failure and dropouts as students become disillusioned with the way their first courses.

With SL, colleges and universities do not have to worry about these drawbacks, as we provide our students not only the materials they need for the introductory courses but also online educators available for one-on-one tutoring to our students 24/7. In other words, students will have high-quality teaching ready anytime at their fingertips, thus making it much less likely for them to detach themselves from their courses and completing them successfully.

StraighterLine offers so much more, not only to our partner colleges and universities, but also to our students, of course. For a full guide to what educational opportunities we provide, visit and learn more about us.

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