A College Admissions Tool for Smart Students

Barry Lenson


If you’ve been a regular reader of this blog, you already know that StraighterLine online college courses offer significant advantages to college students. They allow students to . . .

  • “Test Drive College” courses that they will later take in college. The result? Better grades if the course is taken again in the classroom.
  • Save $1,000s in college costs, by taking required core courses online at low cost.
  • Cut one semester or more from the traditional four years of college study.

Those are just a few advantages. But there are others too. Some students have been reporting that StraighterLine is helping them get into their colleges of choice . . .

StraighterLine online college courses make students more attractive applicants.  “A college that was a `reach school’ for me last year is now looking like a `safety school,’ because I have demonstrated my ability to earn good grades in demanding college-level courses,” says A. M., a returning veteran who lives in Montana.

Online college courses are especially good for late bloomers. “I really messed up my first two years of high school – especially my English classes,” says B.C., a 2009 high school graduate in New Jersey who is taking time off to work a job before applying to college. “I really improved my grades during my junior and senior years in high school,” he states, “and now I am building my image even more by taking StraighterLine’s course in English Composition.”

Online college courses help students demonstrate aptitude for certain majors. “I am taking Accounting I to demonstrate that I have what it takes to be a business major,” says P.M., a working mother in North Carolina who is hoping to return to college and earn a degree in business management.

Those are only a few stories of students who are strategically using our distance learning courses to gain admission to colleges – and ultimately, to rise to levels of accomplishment and success.

Do you have a story to tell about the role that StraighterLine is playing in your college plans? If so, please take a moment to post it here.

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