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Jaime Dalbke

From January, 2009...

College challenges students to perform to the highest standard in every class to prepare them for the rigors of the professional world. That is the popular general belief for most of us, that the educational experience offered in a university setting promotes accountability and preparation in students.

But a study by the National Survey of Student Engagement ( of nearly 380,000 randomly selected freshmen and seniors at 722 four-year colleges across America discovered that about 20 percent of those surveyed said they frequently come to class without completing readings or assignments. What's more, many of those students say they mostly still get A's.

Sad to say, these findings support other recent studies that suggest a gap between what college professors expect from students and what students actually perform. By extension, it is safe to say it suggests a gap between what society at large expects from students and what students actually perform. That can have tremendously negative effects for future generations, if it occurs.

Thankfully, most students still possess the motivation to learn their materials in depth rather than take it easy with their studies. For those who are - as well as for the parents of youth who feel their children might need to be more accountable in their college learning habits - the easy answer to remedy this situation is StraighterLine (SL), a new online educational solution.

If you take one of the entry-level or developmental college courses available from us at SL, you will find that you cannot avoid completing the assignments if you want to pass them successfully. You are responsible for finishing what is assigned to you, and you will not be able to progress further in your studies without doing so. There are no large classes where you can hide and become "invisible" to your teacher while giving less than your best efforts.

As for course content, it has been reviewed by a highly certified education team from our parent company, SMARTHINKING, the leading provider of online tutoring and academic support. The team has analyzed and adopted course material supplied by McGraw Hill, a respected name in college course content. Once you pass one of our rigorous courses, we have several partner colleges willing to accept the credits you earn with us, and these credits may be transferrable to other colleges as well

There are many other advantages we at SL provide to all students who want to learn introductory college material in a process that will always hold themselves accountable for their success or failure. Visit to discover how our program will motivate you into earning - and deserving - the college degree you always wanted.

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