Stay Focused! Tips for Students who Study Online

Barry Lenson

“More and more college students are signing up for some facet of distance learning,” writes the Top-Colleges blogger. “However, getting into the groove of taking courses online can be frustrating, and it is important to develop strategies so you can successfully manage class work and study time.”

So, how can you stay focused and productive if you are logging long hours online? Let’s look at some strategies that Top-Colleges recommends . . .

  • Keep the faith. If you get stuck, write a journal, take a walk, and get centered again. Remember that your smarts and skills got you where you are today. You just need to keep on a roll.
  • Keep in the present. Sure, stuff goes wrong when you are studying online. Maybe you turned in an assignment late, or didn’t do well on a quiz. Get over it. Don’t dwell in the past. Just focus on what you have to do today.
  • Stay focused on your goals. Are you pointed toward a career in healthcare, criminal justice or something else? Great! Remember to keep the big picture.

Those are good strategies for student who are taking distance learning courses. Stop by the Top-Colleges blog to learn more.

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