Start College without a Full Body Scan

Barry Lenson

Start College without a Full Body Scan

You know what it takes to get through airport security these days. You stand in line, put your shoes in a tray, pull out your belt so your pants fall down, walk through a machine that puffs gas on you, then pass through another machine that takes pictures of you naked. If you make it that far, you then get to meet a not-so-friendly uniformed person who feels you up and down. (In private, which is supposed to make it better?)

If you pass those tests, you are then sent to the next station where another scowling individual takes all your embarrassing cosmetics out of your carry-on bag and spreads them out on a counter for everyone to see. By the time you get to the gate, you look like you’ve been through a laundry mangle. And no wonder – you have.

And don’t forget, you are paying for it all – from the naked pictures of yourself to your plane ticket to the measly peanuts you get on board.

Sounds kind of like applying to college, right? It’s basically the same process. You pay tons of money to get scrutinized, tested, evaluated, prodded and poked by strangers. And once you pass the tests and make it onto the plane, guess what? You are then expected to pay lots more money – for tuition, activity fees, room and board, and on it goes.

That’s why getting into college and going through airport security are pretty much the same – except for one thing. When you are starting college, you have a choice. If you opt for StraighterLine, you can avoid the hassles, get on board, and start learning.  Unless you enjoy a full body scan or getting patted down. But hey, that’s up to you.

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