8 Reasons Why StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships are Smart for Adult Learners

8 Reasons Why StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships are Smart for Adult Learners
Beth Dumbauld

1. Start Saving On College Immediately

With affordable  courses – starting at just $49 each – you start saving on your college degree from day one. The more courses you take at StraighterLine, the more you save on your college degree.

2. Don’t Waste Time Searching for Scholarships

All approved StraighterLine online college courses are guaranteed to transfer to partner colleges. Taking advantage of StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships is as easy as 1-2-3.

Follow these 3 easy steps to become eligible:

1.   Call Your Advisor: (877) 785-2722
2.   Buy 1 StraighterLine course.
3.   Complete 4 or more StraighterLine courses

Want to see how it works? Take two free lessons on us today!

3. You Keep Your Degree Options Open

With StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships, you aren’t limited to specific majors or degrees. You choose the degree you need ­– for the career you want.

Choose from popular degrees such as: nursing, business, information technology, engineering, teaching, criminal justice, psychology, computer science, or more – you aren’t locked into any particular path based on the StraighterLine courses you take.

4. You Keep Your University Options Open

Participating StraighterLine Partner Colleges have designed their scholarships and discounts especially for StraighterLine students to help cover the cost of tuition at the following universities:

More partner college scholarships are coming soon.

You can take the general education courses you need for your degree at StraighterLine without worrying about your next step. With StraighterLine, your approved courses are guaranteed to transfer to the partner college of your choice.

5. You Won’t Be Alone

Your StraighterLine Advisor is here to help you make the right choices about your degree, provide information about colleges, your courses – and StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships.

6. You Avoid Crushing Student Debt

The average student, according to a study published by the Institute for College Access & Success' Project on Student Debt, is now at $29,400.

StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships will help you save up to 60% on your degree.

7. No Drawn-Out Admissions Process

StraighterLine Partner College Scholarships are ideal for adult learners. To qualify, there are no silly hoops to jump through or essays to write. We know you are serious about your future, your career and your education. With StraighterLine’s focus on low-cost online college courses, you can achieve your goals easily and affordably.

8. You Minimize Stress

When you go back to college as an adult, having a flexible degree pathway is key. We’re here to help you create a customized degree plan so you can maximize your course savings with StraighterLine, minimize demands on your time, and take full advantage of Partner College Scholarships.

Want to know how our scholarship program works? Check it out here!

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