Single Women & Higher Education – A Study In Opportunities

Single Women & Higher Education – A Study In Opportunities
Beth Dumbauld

Reviewed by Josianne Campbell

According to a study done by the Institute of Women’s Policy Research, higher education opportunities for single women—specifically single mothers—can ultimately lift them out of poverty, improve their quality of life, open new doors for career choices, and give them better financial stability.

As the IWP's research clearly outlines in the figure below, 62% of single mothers only have a high school education, making them three times as likely to live in poverty as single mothers with bachelor’s degrees. The question single moms need to ask is, how do I take the next step in my education and how do I find the most affordable and most flexible online programs to advance my education and earnings?

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re providing information to assist women in finding their best on-ramp to a college degree, available through low-cost, self-paced college course options like those found at StraighterLine.

How Women Can Take Advantage of Higher Education Programs

Not all online classes and programs are created equally. Some require students to come to campus to conduct the business of enrolling (among other things). Some require students to be present online at specific times for class lectures or participation. Many universities even charge the same tuition rate whether you’re taking up a physical or virtual seat in the class. The best option for adults, including single women with families, is often an affordable, self-paced program that can be completed from beginning to end online.

At StraighterLine, these types of online college classes:

  • cost less, incurring less student debt over the length of your program
  • are self-paced, providing a flexible schedule that works with job and family obligations
  • offer seamless credit transfer, making it easy to find colleges that accept your credits
  • are not bound by a brick and mortar location and schedule, which often means finishing faster

These “fear factors” are amplified for single moms, an enrolled population of over 1.2 million students nationwide. Consider that for a traditional-aged college student attending full-time, an associate degree takes 2 years, a bachelor’s degree, 4 years. But for a single mom, those numbers rise: 4.5 years for associate and 6.5 years for a bachelor’s, while the increased time means increased expense. Curtailing time and cost are vital, especially when considering the huge benefits of having a college degree, including increased salaries and decreased poverty rates.

Read this single mom’s StraighterLine success story.

Single mothers who want a better life for themselves and their families will find opportunities and open doors with a thoughtfully chosen college degree with the tools to help them succeed. Taking StraighterLine’s affordable and self-paced online college classes allows them to achieve their goals faster and with less student debt.

If you’re a single mom wondering if StraighterLine will work for you, click here to receive two free lessons from our most popular courses. You never know what you can achieve until you try!

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