Should You Use Online Learning to Start College while You Are in the Military?

Barry Lenson

Should You Use Online Learning to Start College while You Are in the Military?

Years ago, people who were in the military wasted a lot of idle time playing cards or reading magazines. Things are different today. More men and women in uniform are using that same time to start their college work online.

The story is told in “Online Degrees Offer Soldiers More Opportunities,” an article by Natasha Bright on  According to Bright, more military personnel have discovered the value of studying online. She writes, “Soldiers have always reported that one of the greatest challenges they face in serving is the rigorous schedules that they are forced to work on. For this reason, many soldiers have commonly felt that schooling was simply not a feasible option. More and more that is simply becoming untrue as colleges open up more flexible and unique education programs to allow students to earn their degree online.”

No doubt about it. It makes sense to start college online while you are still in uniform. Here are some other reasons to consider . . .

  • While a soldier, you can probably obtain financial assistance from the government. The Post-911 GI Bill is designed to help pay educational costs – even the cost of housing and textbooks – for soldiers, veterans, and reservists. To learn more, visit The Department of Veterans Affairs GI Bill Website or call 1-888-GIBILL-1 (1-888-442-4551). According to some estimates, as many as 385,000 active military personnel and veterans are already taking advantage of this bill.
  • While a soldier, you can take online courses anywhere. Are you in Afghanistan? Germany? Fort Dix? It doesn’t matter. And your coursework will not be interrupted if you are transferred.
  • With online learning, your virtual classroom is open round the clock. That’s ideal for military personnel who work odd and off hours.
  • Because you studied online, you’ll enjoy an easier transition into civilian life. “Soldiers who focus on their education and earn an advanced degree while in the service may have an easier time transitioning into civilian life after they leave the service,” Bright reports.

The transition is still easier, because more colleges are granting credit for online coursework that was completed online. For more information, visit StraighterLine’s Credit Transfer Center.

Whether you are in the military now or are a veteran, online study could make a lot of sense for you. And it could make a tremendous difference in your success in civilian life. We thank you for your service, and we wish you every success.

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