Should You Take Online Courses to Get Ready for College in the Fall?

Barry Lenson

Should You Take Online Courses to Get Ready for College in the Fall?

If your high school’s “college prep” program didn’t do a thorough job of getting you ready for college, we have some encouraging news for you. You are NOT alone.

Here’s a quote from “Top 10 Higher Education State Policy Issues,” a report just issued by The American Association of State Colleges and Universities:

“College readiness is a perennial issue, and one that will garner much attention in 2011. For several decades, researchers have documented the gap between high school and college expectations, noting that even students who complete a college preparatory curriculum in high school are often poorly prepared for college. This lack of alignment contributes to high postsecondary remediation rates and hinders college completion.”

And we have more encouraging news. It is not too late in the summer to take a few online classes that can get you ready to excel in your college work. Here are a few suggestions . . .

Confront any weak areas head-on. You know what they are. Maybe you are slated to take a college algebra class starting next month, and you haven’t thought about algebra since your first or second year of high school. (Gulp . . .) Or maybe you earned a B in algebra at high school, and have always secretly thought that you deserved a C . . . or worse. If you’ve been hiding dark secrets like those, don’t worry. If you take a quick online course, starting now, you can prevent embarrassment later on in the classroom.

Knock off a “core curriculum” course this month, so you can cross it off your list of required courses. Maybe it’s a writing course, or a math course. If you can take it before college starts in September and transfer the credits you earn to your college, you’ll be better able to cruise through your first year of school. Maybe you can even take a fun elective.

Use online courses to train for the classes you’ll be taking next month. Whether you’re facing a course in chemistry or calculus, great courses are available online that can get you prepared. And remember, you can take online classes for training purposes, without reporting the grades you earn to your college if you don’t want to.

Feel better? We thought you would. Now do some advance prep and get ready to be a standout star when classes start!

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