Should You Take AP Macroeconomics or StraighterLine’s Macroeconomic Course?

Barry Lenson

Should You Take AP MacroeconomicsIf you’re a high school student who is considering taking AP Macroenomics at your high school, what can you expect? Would it be a better idea to take that AP test and the exam that accompanies it, or to take the Macroeconomics I Course that is offered online here at StraighterLine?

Although AP program and StraighterLine courses both offer you a path to earning college credit, they are quite different. Here are some questions to ask as you weigh which option might be better for you.

Are you confident that you will do well in the course?

If you’ve already performed well in courses that required strong analytical ability – courses like Statistics, Algebra II and Calculus – chances are that you will earn a high grade in AP Macroeconomics too.  Be sure to consider your overall course load, too. If it’s packed with AP classes, Macroeconomics could turn out to be one of the harder ones. If you are not too confident that you will do well, it could be better to avoid the class and the low grade that you might earn. It can also be expensive and time-consuming to hire a tutor to help you earn a high grade in an AP class. Just ask a student who has done that.

Also remember to find out whether you can drop AP Macroeconomic and if so, when. Some schools require students to enroll in the regular version of a class if they drop the AP, or in an honors-level course, so be sure to ask.

In contrast, there is lower risk in taking StraighterLine’s online course. If you do not perform well in it, you can simply choose not to report your grade to the college of your choice. And if you do well, you can transfer the credit you earned to the college you will attend.

Which better fits your current situation?

If you’re already enrolled in a high school that offers AP Macroeconomics, it could be simplest to sign up and take the AP course there. But be sure to consider the questions that we covered just above.

Also, you could consider taking a macroeconomics course online instead of at your school. It’s an option that you might not know about – and it could work well for you. For example, you can take an AP class called Economics I: Macroeconomics online at StraighterLine. It’s the equivalent of AP Macroeconomics, and it functions in exactly the same way.

StraighterLine AP online classes are among the least expensive AP classes you’ll find anywhere outside of high school. So if you need to take an AP class, you’ll save more if you take them with StraighterLine.

There are other advantages to taking your AP class online. One is that online AP classes are flexible, so you can take them over the summer, during school vacations, or at other times when you are not busy with other high school classes.

So, Which Is Better for You?

We hope that today’s post has helped you make the best decision about your participation in the AP program. If you have more questions, be sure to call a StraighterLine admissions counselor toll-free at (877) 787-8375.

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