Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dorm Room?

Barry Lenson

Should You Hire an Interior Designer for Your Dorm Room?

Let me tell you about how my room was decorated when I was in college.  The centerpiece was a bicycle wheel, missing the tire, that I found lying on the street. I painted it and mounted it on a piece of wood and attached an electric motor from an old clock, so that the wheel rotated very slowly. When I put my desk lamp behind the wheel, its shadow was projected onto the ceiling.  It looked huge. My friends and I would lie on the floor and watch that immense shadow turning round and round. Far out!

Well, that wouldn’t cut it today.  Word has it that more college students and their parents are hiring professional interior designers to turn standard-issue dorms into meaningful personal statements.  (I guess that college itself isn’t expensive enough for some folks. They have to find ways to spend even more.)

What kind of doo-dads are designers stuffing into dorm rooms?  Here are some ideas you can read about on . . .

  • Collapsible file boxes
  • Cutting-edge sound systems
  • Electric massage chairs
  • Feather beds
  • Folding laundry bins and carts
  • Lava lamps
  • Lamps and other accessories made from polished steel, which is “hot” just now

The article on also advises students to start out by developing a limited selection of colors that will form the central palette in their rooms, and to build out from that.

That might be good advice, I can’t tell. I can’t even remember what color my bicycle wheel was. Can you?

If you have 10 minutes to explore this topic further, I would urge you to watch the following cute video, which contains some useful information about dorm rooms. ("You can eat in your room," for example, and "Frames are a really good way to show your pictures.") It also explains how you can enjoy having cupcake-scented candles around your dorm room, even though you are not allowed to burn them.


Start `Em Young . . .

By the way, you don’t have to wait until you get to college before you start spending money on decorations. A company called is already selling all kinds of miniature accessories that high school and middle school students can use to personalize their lockers. This stuff is incredibly cool! You can decorate your locker with mirrors, picture frames, wallpaper, little shag rugs and even tiny chandeliers! Check it out! You won’t believe your eyes.

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