Should a Bible College Be Part of Your Educational Plans?

Barry Lenson

Should a Bible College Be Part of Your Educational Plans?

bible collegeWe’ve covered many different kinds of colleges on this blog, including two-year colleges, three-year colleges, community colleges, foreign colleges, for-profit colleges, and other varieties as well. But until now, we have not written about another kind of college that could figure prominently in the lives of many students – maybe you? I am referring to Bible colleges.

This omission came to our attention recently when we came across a very useful post, “Top 10 Most Prestigious Bible Colleges in the U.S.” by Jennifer Stevens, who blogs for the site. We also found a useful list of online Bible colleges that appears on the website’s home page. Are there really online Bible colleges? You bet there are.

If you are called to a Christian life, these could be the schools for you. What subjects can you study at these schools, and what careers can you prepare for? Here is some useful information adapted from the website . . .

  • You can earn a Bible Certificate that can enable you to work as a minister, a preacher, or as a church counselor.
  • You can earn a certificate or degree in Christian or Pastoral Counseling, which equips you to counsel people in a church setting.
  • You can a obtain a bachelors degree in Bible Education, which can lead to a career teaching Bible studies in churches, schools, colleges, and other settings.
  • You can work toward a Bible Ministry degree, which can lead to a position as a minister or as the head of a congregation.

If these career ideas are speaking to you, you’d do well to visit the website and read all the information that’s posted there.

And don’t forget that a fine Bible college, Nazarene Bible College, is one of StraighterLine’s Partner Colleges. That means that you can matriculate there immediately after successfully completing online college courses, without needing to go through all the traditional steps that are usually involved in applying to college.

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