Shooting Big Bird

Barry Lenson


Lots of individuals have come under fire during the current presidential election. First the GOP candidates slugged it out like a bunch of palookas at a tag team wresting match. More recently, Obama and Romney are acting like Joe Frasier and Muhammed Ali.

Okay, aggression is part of the election scene. But when people start attacking our old yellow buddy Big Bird and PBS, his home station, is that taking things too far?

We have our ear to the ground on this issue. At least, we have our Facebook page up and open for business. Here are some of the comments that have come in so far about whether it is okay or not to bash Big Bird and PBS in the battles of presidential politics. Please note that we have not edited any of these comments . . .

  • Ella Andersen Alley I think it would be worth saving if it didn't get any help from China if it still does it should go this is America not Chinaville.
  • Ella Andersen Alley sorry kids but another show will takes it's place.
  • Randy Maze Kind of funny when I thought TEACHERS should be the ones teaching kids not a giant puppet.
  • Maryanne Frances Goulding-rebeiro i think mitt should know that pbs gets it money from donations! & not china..he should get his facts straight before he opens his effin mouth!!! he should'nt punish children that learn from the pbs shows...its a learning channel & its been around probably longer then his wrinkly old ugly arsh
  • Valerie Cooke Stoner I grew up with Big Bird, the only thing I remember from him was that he didn't want to eat pumpernickel bread b/c it sounded funny lol. This country should be run a little more business like. Just like in our own homes, if we can't afford something, we don't buy it. We need to break away from borrowing so much from China, et al. Big Bird is hardly on Sesame Street any more. It's all about Elmo, and with all the Elmo paraphernalia out there, that, alone, should be able to fund PBS.
  • Randy Maze Maryanne yes PBS does get money from donations but a good deal of its funding comes from the government ,maybe you should donate more and get some awesome tote bags
  • Crystal Caouette Azevedo This country needs a leader that takes a stand, not a knee, when it comes to providing for the people. I support Romney's intention to be that leader.
  • Valerie Cooke Stoner I actually donated once to PBS during the Andrea Bocelli Christmas special, got some cool stuff!!! And, if some people WATCHED PBS, they would know that they get gov't and state funding.
  • Moses Manuel Caballero There are alot of sheep here.....Obama nor Romney showed decent education reform plan worth the grief we're dealing with now. Voting is pointless, now. They are pretty much the same guy.
  • Greg Ybhguolliw PBS only gets 12% from Gov big bird will still live in housing no worries
  • Kelly McCarthy Fuchsel Arbaugh Sad that we are reducing our children's education to a puppet. Sesame Street is an awesome show - don't get me wrong - but let's not go crazy. If Big Bird is providing a better education than our schools and teachers, then support PBS and get rid of the public school system.
  • Kristamarie Mason Keep the show on with other subsidies, but we should not be paying for it by borrowing money.
  • Barb LeVasseur We should all support PBS anyway. More than just Sesame Street is on there. We have Masterpiece Theater (a lot of these works are based on classic books), NOVA (A science program that I found very useful when I was in school), musical programs (Les Mes, The Phantom of the Opera, etc.), Finance programs, .... Our American companies and individuals should help fund PBS not out of the country investors. I have watched PBS programming since I was a little girl and will continue to do so. I send in small donations when I can afford it.
  • Janice Pederson I think that if you have to borrow money to pay for something, you really DON"T NEED it, SAVE UP FOR IT. Oh excuse me that is only for REAL LIFE!
  • Ronald Parks There are plenty of business persons willing to buy PBS and keep it going. So why do they need government subsidies? The government doesn't know how to run a business for a profit. Big Bird would do better by accepting personal responsibility for his success and not relying on the government.
  • Sonja R Hovatter I believe Romney stated he was going to stop subsidies to PBS...not fire Big Bird. My daughter and granddaughter learned alot from PBS, but it is time they fly on their own....especially if that is one of the reasons we borrowed funds from China....please!!!
  • Lisa Richardson Holbrook They are fundrasing all the time! I agree with mitt!!
  • Lisa Richardson Holbrook I cant borrow to have a tutor from my daughter for the SAT or ACT because I have been out of work for almost two years! I don't think in the big picture Big bird will help my daughter get into College!!!!
  • Craig Erik Is the government really borrowing money from China to pay for PBS like Romney claims?
  • Renae Adkins Eastham PBS Is NOT a Government funded program people, Seriously your gonna pick a President based on this O.M.G.

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