Shocker: College Will Cost $400,000 in 2026

Barry Lenson

Shocker: College Will Cost $400,000 in 2026

“Universities on the Brink,” an article that ran on last week, delivers this knockout punch of information to parents of small children . . .

“The College Board projects that in 15 years, the cost of a four year college education at a private university will approach $400,000.”

Whether you're a student, a parent or an educator, you really need to read this article. Here are just a few highlights:

Costs are surging. In the last 25 years, the cost of a college degree at both public and private institutions has risen 440 percent.

College is claiming an unrealistic percentage of a family’s money. Annual college tuition and fees now amount to an average of 25 percent of a family’s income.

A shakeout his happening. In the last decade, a total of 124 U.S. colleges and universities have gone out of business – and their numbers will probably increase.

But here’s some good news . . .

In an effort to offer better value and attract more students, more colleges will offer three-year undergraduate degree programs. And the article predicts that colleges will probably start to allow students to earn both a bachelors and a master's degree in four years.

And as StraighterLine students know, taking online courses is another way to reduce the costs of college and graduate earlier. When will that knowledge get onto the radar at mainstream publications like Forbes? We don’t know, but predict that it will happen soon.

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