Shirts, Socks, an Online College Course ... It’s Time to Shop for School

Barry Lenson

Go Back To SchoolWhen I walked into my local supermarket yesterday, I bumped into a table piled high with notebooks, rulers, vinyl backpacks, and other back-to-school stuff. Is that time of the summer already here? Yes, a quick glance at the calendar confirms that it’s true.

So, does your back-to-school shopping list include an online college course from StraighterLine? If not, it should, for some very practical reasons . . .

An online college courses can help you prepare for the classes you’ll take in the fall. If you have to take a course in introductory college writing, for example, why not get a strong start by enrolling in an English Composition course online? Or if you’re not sure if you should declare that you’re an accounting major, why not test the waters with an advanced accounting course?

A StraighterLine course can cut down on your course load and
earn extra credits toward your degree. You can use the time you save to earn higher grades in your other college courses.

A StraighterLine college course can get your brain back into “learning mode.”  If you’ve had some summer months off, engaging in a little distance learning online now is a good way to get your study skills toned up and ready to take on heavier loads. And if you’ll be entering your first year of college in September, an online college course can be a great way to “test drive college" before you arrive on campus.

Shirts, socks, an online college course, maybe even a lava lamp and a futon for your dorm room . . . sounds terrific. Wish you every success in September.

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