Seven Ways to Keep Your Summer from Being Boring

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taking summer classes By Danielle Koons

This is going to be a tricky topic. You see, StraighterLine wants me to talk about how taking classes will keep your summer from sucking. But you and I both know that a quick route to Sadville is to take summer classes.


In a previous post, I did mention all the good things about summer classes. And I really do believe that they can be a great thing! No lies! So here I am with even more fantastic advice on how to lessen the pain of the cruel prison sentence we call Secondary Education.

1. Register for next semester classes, like, the day after the previous semester ends.

I only mention this because all the stupid classes I need for fall semester are filled THE DAY AFTER SPRING SEMESTER ENDS.

Seriously what the *?! Do students sit by their computer and wait for the grades to come in and then sign up for the next semester? Do they not take a breather? Take a week to sit on the couch and thank heaven that they survived?

This baffles me. You see, this is the second semester in a row that the class I need has filled before I can get into it. I can’t take the rest of my required classes till this one has been passed. So, basically, I am stuck. Perhaps you know this story yourself?

Solution: Cry a lot. (Or sign up for the semester before the previous semester ends. But since I never remember to do that, I just resort to the crying thing.)

I just realized that the reason for this problem is that the largest class is only 75 students at a time. The other two times it’s offered during the semester is 35 students at a time. That’s about 200ish students being able to take that class per semester. Now, I don’t want to sound like a broken record but ONLINE COLLEGE COURSES DON’T HAVE THIS PROBLEM. (And if you take some during the summer, you can really really get a jump on next semester! Which can make Sadville happier.)

I’m so glad that my misery can promote online classes.

2. Pretend to be broke all summer to save money for next semester.

Its only half pretending, since all college students are on the brink of poverty anyways. No fun summer road trips to somewhere fun, no splurging at the mall, no excessive amounts of 3D IMAX theater outings. Summer sucks. During the summer, I have to save at least $2,000 to pay for next semester. That’s not all of it; I just mean I need that head start. After that, I make payments during the year. A year of school, for me, at 12 credit hours a semester, is about $5,400. Each class is about $350, depending on how many credits it is.

Hey, look! My misery can promote online classes again! So glad to help. StraighterLine’s affordable subscription pricing is $99 a month plus a one-time small fee for each class. Basically, you can finish a semester with StraighterLine at the same price as ONE class at a University. (If you take summer online classes at StraighterLine, you can save even more this summer. Get it? Save for next semester and save money on your courses. Double savings. Bonus round.)

3. Work on your tan.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Danielle! That has nothing to do with school!” I know. But going outside to soak up the sunlight will give your body some tasty vitamin D, which makes you happy. And it also keeps you from looking like a ghost, and that’s a huge bonus. Result: you’re happy and you’re looking good with your tan!

This is basically a ‘juice-up’ for the coming semester. If you go into the fall semester being all pasty and sad, you won’t last. You’ll be a sobbing in the corner of the room, curled up in the fetal position, by October.

If you value your education, you will spend time at the pool. Just sayin’. (And if you take your laptop to the pool, you can work on your tan and your courses at the same time. Just wipe the sunscreen off your hands before you touch your keyboard. Can you say “Yeech!”?)

4. Stop eating like a college kid.

Don’t play dumb with me. I know how you eat. Rushing out the door, Hot Pocket in hand, trying to pull on your shoes and balance your ridiculously heavy textbooks.

Being a college kid wreaks havoc on the stomach. Being stressed all the time plus crappy eating habits makes our bodies hate us. And the body definitely lets us know that it has bad feelings.

I had an ulcer for so long that I decided to give it a name. Leroy has since left, but the memories will stay with me forever.

Take the time to eat like a normal person. Try to eat food that doesn’t come out of the microwave, buy veggies with the honest intention of eating them, and avoid pizza for a while. This isn’t a promotion of dieting, which I am morally opposed to; it’s just a polite suggestion to not kill yourself via bad food choices. Wait till finals week for that.

5. Why not go jogging or something?

I don’t know what you like to do to get exercise. I hate jogging, but I force myself to do it sometimes. I suspect that I may be allergic to it. I get all sweaty, I turn red in the face, and I feel awful afterwards.

I spent so much time studying, doing homework, and crying that I barely had any time to work out during the semester. The result was terrible sleeping patterns and a general tired feeling. That does not help with school at all.

For your brain to function at Maximum Warp during school, you have to take care of your body. If your body is unhappy, your brain is unhappy.

6. Find a summer job that you like, or at least a job that pays you enough that you don’t hate it.

I never wanted to get a summer job that I hated. I had friends waste an entire summer, all 4 months, at a job they loathed, just so they could pay for school. While paying for school is all fine and dandy, I don’t recommend being miserable to do it. You have school for that. Why not find a silly job that you enjoy? I worked at a reptile show one summer. We had snakes, lizards, turtles, tarantulas, and scorpions. It was an entertainment/education type of show, where I showed people all these cool animals and how interesting and awesome they are. It was one of my favorite jobs! My friends thought I was a crazy person for doing it, but I had so much fun I never felt like I was working. That made it a great summer.

7. Prepare for the new semester coming up.

I know that sounds like an unfun thing to do, but trust me—it’ll help. If you already have your schedule, try reading up on the subjects you’ll be taking. Get yourself excited for the new year by psyching yourself up for it. I know it sounds impossible. But being prepared for the classes will help you for the rest of the semester. Start off being one step ahead!

This is you, not getting pumped for the year:

“Ugh! 5 days left till the semester starts! I’m already counting how many days I can ditch class and still pass it. I should have worked on my tan, too! I MAKE BAD DECISIONS!!”

This is you, after getting pumped for the year:

“AWWWW YEAAAAHHH!! I’m gonna pass these classes SO HARD! And my tan looks AMAZING!!”

See the difference?

The point is, don’t think of the summer as a slight reprieve from school. Think of it as refueling time to get back in the game and tear it up!

Good luck and have fun this summer!

Danielle Koons spends her time going to school for a stupid Bachelor of Science degree, smelling like wet dog (courtesy of her job as a groomer), and pretending to be a famous writer. But not a boring stuffy writer. A cool writer like Lewis Carroll, so she can ignore the “rules” of the English language and make up her own words.

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