Seton Hall University Cuts Tuition for Good Students!

Barry Lenson

Seton Hall University Cuts Tuition for Good Students!

Seton Hall UniversityJust when you start to think that American colleges and universities have run completely out of new ideas, here comes some incredible news from Seton Hall University, the venerable Catholic institution in South Orange, New Jersey.

Would you believe that . . . Seton Hall has cut its tuition for good students! According to articles in The Wall Street Journal and The New York Post, here’s what the school is up to . . .

  • Seton Hall's tuition is currently $31,440 a year. But highly qualified students will only have to pay $10,104. That matches the tuition that is charged by Rutgers, New Jersey’s state university. Note that no discounts will be offered for room and board.
  • Students who graduated in the top 10% of their high-school classes and who earned a combined 1200 score on the reading and math sections of the SAT (with neither score less than 550), or who scored 27 on the ACT exam, will automatically get the discounted tuition.
  • In order to be considered for the discount for next year, students must submit their applications by December 15, 2011.
  • To keep getting the discount while they are in school, students must maintain a GPA of 3.0.

We have also heard through the educational grapevine that Seton Hall will inform students that they got these scholarships at the same time that they get their letters of admission. Now THAT too is a major improvement in the way things have traditionally been done. (In the past, most students have gotten informed about their financial aid packages weeks after they got their letters of admission. That forced them to wait before they could finalize their college plans.)

If you want to be considered for this unique opportunity, you can learn how by visiting Seton Hall’s website.

So here’s to Seton Hall University, a mighty mite of a university that has shown the courage to do the right thing for its students. We bet that applications to the school will surge and that other colleges and universities will follow suit. There’s no stopping a great idea, and we think that Seton Hall has one.

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