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Barry Lenson

Engineering DegreeThere are some big advantages to graduating college with a degree in engineering. You’re likely to get a job that pays well, because engineering graduates in demand. You’re also likely to have a career that lasts a long time, because the need for engineers is expected to remain strong in the years ahead.

Despite those good things about majoring in engineering, there are some potential downsides you should know about too. One is that engineering is a very demanding major. Once you decide that you’re going to major in it, you’ll have a heavy course load of engineering courses that occupy most of your classroom time. And if you decide to change majors because engineering was not for you, you could have made a costly mistake that will cost you extra semesters and extra money before you can graduate.

Take Careful Steps toward Becoming an Engineering Major

So the message is clear. Studying engineering is great, provided that it really is the right field for you. But you also need to proceed carefully. If you “throw all your eggs into one basket” and go to an engineering school (or spend a few semesters studying engineering at your university) without really knowing that it’s the right choice for you, you’ll be making a mistake.

How can you know if engineering is right for you? One simple way is to take a number of online courses ahead of time, before you declare your major or enroll in an engineering school. To help you make a smarter choice, StraighterLine has created a new course bundle of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) courses that you should know about. For low cost, and at low risk, you can make a smarter decision about whether declaring an engineering major is a good idea for you.

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