Retraining to Get a Better Job

Barry Lenson

Get a Better JobTake a moment to fill in the blank in this sentence . . .

I am not moving ahead in my career because ____________.

Now look at what you wrote. You’ll probably find that it falls into one of these categories . . .

  • A situation, like “My company is laying people off” or, “There aren’t opportunities for advancement in my firm” or, “I’d like to go back to college, but I don’t have enough money now.”
  • A function, like “I need to learn more about online marketing” or, “I’m not up to speed with the latest computer technology” or, “I didn’t study business in college.”
  • Something personal, like “I’m too young [or old] to move ahead” or, “I just feel stalled” or, “The demands of being a parent.”

Three Categories, One Answer

No matter what your answer was, or which category it fell into, there is one solution to the problem that is blocking you. It is retraining.

Retraining can get you over situational career roadblocks, functional career roadblocks and personal roadblocks too. The key is to look at the problem that you wrote and then pick the kind of training that can solve it.

Here are just a few examples . . .

  • If your company doesn’t offer you a chance to move up, what other companies are hiring, and what are they looking for? If you train for those specific skills (like management, writing, or healthcare), you can roll the obstacle out of your way.
  • If you lack computer skills, retraining is again the answer. You can pinpoint the skills that you need, study them, and then move ahead in your career.
  • If you feel blocked for a personal reason, retraining can get you moving too. It doesn’t matter whether you feel too young or old to move your career ahead just now or if you just don’t feel motivated. Taking courses can energize you and show you new possibilities.

If You Don’t Have the Money to Retrain Right Now . . .

If financial concerns seem to be blocking your ability to retrain now, you could be suffering from a misconception. You can retrain at very low cost by taking just one course at a time or by taking a few online courses at low cost.

So what’s blocking your career? If you pinpoint and attack the problem directly, it will disappear more quickly than you expect. You might even discover that it’s an excuse, not a problem. Either way, it’s time to get back on track toward success.

Get a Better Job with Retraining

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