Quiz: Do You Know Christmas?

Barry Lenson

In celebration of StraighterLine’s new Introduction to Religion course, we are wishing all our Christian readers a Merry Christmas. We are belatedly wishing our Jewish readers a happy Chanukah too.

We are also celebrating our new course by giving you a quiz about world religions. Be alerted that the first question is easy, the second question is a little harder, and so on down the line. Answers follow at the end.

1) Christmas is the celebration of:

a)      The first appearance of Chris Cringle during Ramadan
b)      The Mayan apocalypse.
c)      The birth of Jesus Christ in Nazareth.
d)      The discovery of the first pine tree in Wisconsin

2) On Chanukah, a special candelabrum is lighted. It is called a:

a)      Mezuzah
b)      Chipotle
c)      Avocado
d)      Menorah

3) Shinto, which believes that spirits inhabit most things, is a religion that is widely practiced in:

a)      Japan
b)      Colorado
c)      Korea
d)      China

4) The holy book of Islam is called:

a)      The Nebuchadnezzar
b)      The Upanishad
c)      The Koran
d)      The Talmud

5) Two founders of Mormonism are:

a)      Tom Cruise and John Travolta
b)      Chico and Groucho Marx
c)      Joseph Smith and Brigham Young
d)      Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

6) One of the main beliefs of Hinduism is that human beings are:

a)      Reincarnated
b)      Able to fly
c)      Defenestrated
d)      Sinners

7) Many Buddhists spend hours every day:

a)      Eating pradhati, which are round and spicy cookies
b)      Trying to find new converts to their religion
c)      Meditating
d)      Bouncing on trampolines

And Here Are the Answers . . .

1) c; 2) d; 3) a; 4) c; 5) c; 6) a; 7) c

Thanks for trying. We hope you get all your questions about religion answered in the New Year!

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