Quiz: Can You Name the Famous Distance Learner?

Barry Lenson

Can You Name the Famous Distance Learner?

Okay, the dude throwing the discus never took college courses online. But some of the people below did. Can you answer the following questions correctly by picking the distance learners? Answers follow at the end of the quiz.

1) Which of the following FAMOUS ACTORS was a distance learner?
a. Meryl Streep
b. Arnold Schwarzenegger
c. Hugh Grant
d. Buster Crabbe

2) Which of the following GREAT ATHLETES was a distance learner?
a. Wayne Gretzky
b. Maria Sharapova
c. Derek Jeter
d. Shaquille O’Neal

3) Which of the following TELEVISION STARS was a distance learner?
a) James Franco
b) Oprah Winfrey
c) Ryan Seacrest
d) Hugh Laurie

4) Which of the following MEMBERS OF A PRESIDENTIAL CABINET was a distance learner?
a) Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security under president Obama
b) Ken S. Salazar, Secretary of the Interior under president Obama
c) Ezra Taft Benson, Secretary of Agriculture under president Eisenhower
d) Mary Peters, Secretary of Transportation under president George W. Bush

5) Which of the following FAMOUS HISTORICAL FIGURES was once a distance learner?
a) The Emperor Nero, who learned to play the violin online.
b) Alexander the Great, who carried his laptop with him while he conquered the world.
c) Thomas Jefferson, who invented the computer.
d) Christopher Columbus, who had WiFi installed on the Nina, the Pinta and the Santa Maria.

And the answers are . . . 

1) – b. Arnold took distance courses at Santa Monica College.
2) – d. Shaquille completed a large portion of his college courses online at Louisiana State.
3) – a. James earned his Master’s degree through Columbia University’s online learning program.
4) – d. Mary got her Bachelor of Science degree in management from The University of Phoenix.
5) We didn’t fool anybody with this one, did we?

Learn even more about famous distance learners . . .

StraighterLine has just published an article about successful people who took college courses as distance learners. To learn more about them, CLICK HERE.

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