Put Them All Together, They Spell . . . MOTHER

Barry Lenson

You know the old song about mothers? The one that starts with the words, “M is for the Million things she gave me?”

In case you don’t know this old song that moistens every eye, here’s a video of it that you can watch . . .

What a classic. But since even classics are in need of occasional updating, we’ve created a revised set of lyrics that will be perfect for you to sing to your mother as she modernizes herself and starts to take college courses online.

So fire up that video again and sing along, this time using these words . . .

  • M is for the MOOCs that all enraged her
  • O is for more Online courses too
  • T is for the Trojan Horse that crashed her
  • H is for her Hard drive, spinnin’ free
  • E is for her Ethernet cable
  • R is for the Rest of all she does

Put them all together, they spell M-O-T-H-E-R, a girl who goes online for me!

But seriously, Happy Mother's Day!

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