Practice AP Tests Online

Barry Lenson

Practice AP Tests Online

Can online study help you improve your AP test scores? Yes it can. Here are some great reasons to take AP preparation classes online:

  • An online AP test can bring you up to speed in areas where your knowledge is weak. Perhaps you never quite caught onto a certain concept in an AP class. Or perhaps your instructor got caught in a time crunch and sped through certain material. Whatever the reason for your “weak spot,” taking a good AP class online can improve your AP test scores.
  • An online AP test is a great refresher for courses you took a while ago. If it’s been a year – or even just a term – since you took an AP course, it can be a very smart idea to use an online AP prep course to make sure that course content is still fresh in your mind.
  • Online AP preparation offers a great way to review and study in the days before your actual AP test. A well-organized course can help you make sure you’ve covered all the topics that will appear on the tests.

StraighterLine offers four subject-area AP courses that have been approved by The College Board. They are Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, English Language and Composition, and Calculus AB.


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