[Podcast] How Online College Students Can Find a Mentor

[Podcast] How Online College Students Can Find a Mentor
Beth Dumbauld

Dr. Robin Berenson, associate dean, School of Business and Technology at Excelsior College, discusses how adults returning to college online can find and connect with a mentor who can help guide them through their academic and professional pursuits.

Topics include:

  • How early in the process adults should begin to think about mentorship
  • How newly enrolled students can find a mentor within an online classroom or on social media
  • Advice on approaching a potential mentor and determining whether they would be a good fit
  • Setting and managing expectations

Listen to Dr. Berenson on how online students can find a mentor:

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About the Contributor

Dr. Robin Berenson, associate dean of Business for Excelsior College’s School of Business and Technology is a former adjunct professor, mentor, and author. She has a range of expertise, which include but are not limited to: business education, conflict resolution, educational quality assurance, and leadership.

This content was originally posted on the Distance EDU on Demand podcast.

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